Oklahoma City VA Medical Center

Facility Map

Oklahoma City VAMC Facility Map 
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Service Floor Elevator Room
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Admitting Ground Main GF-210

Agent Cashier/Co-Pay

Ground Clinical GF-232
Alzheimer's Clinic 2 Main
ATM (Canteen) Ground Main GF-101
ATM (Pizza Place) Ground Main GF-101
Audiology (E Module) 1 Clinical
B Module (Orange/Yellow/PSI) Ground Clinical GF-115
Beneficiary Travel Ground Clinical GF-210
Blood Gas Lab 5 Clinical
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C Module (Purple/Blue) Ground Clinical GF-155
Cafeteria (Inpatient Only) 2
Canteen Food Court Ground Main GB-104
Canteen Retail Store Ground Main GB-121
Cardiac Cath Lab 1 Clinical 1R-129
Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU) 5 Clinical
Cardiac Rehabilitation 5 Clinical
Cardiology (Echo, EKG, ect.) 1 Clinical E Module
Chapel/Chaplain Ground Main GA-141
Chase Auditorium Ground Main GD-102
Clothing Room Ground Main
Credit Union 1 Main 1B-113
D Module (Green/Silver/Pain) Ground Clinical GF-172
Day Treatment Center 1 Bldg 3
Dental Clinic 3 Main 3B-104
Director's Suite 1 Main 1A-105
Disabled American Veterans 1 Main 1B-109
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E Module (ENT/Audio/Speech/ORL 1 Clinical 1F-102
Eligibility Unit Ground Clinical GF-210
Emergency Room Basement Clinical BF-123
ENT (E Module) 1 Clinical
Extended Care Unit (ECU) 4 Main
Eye Glasses Shop 4 Main
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Gastroenterology Lab 6 Main
Geriatric Clinic 4 Main
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Health Wing Ground Main GR-119
Home based Primary Care (HBPC) 4 Main
Human resources & Development 1 Main 1B-105
ID Badges 1 Clinical 1A-114
Infectious Disease Offices 5 Main 5A-134
Inpatient Unit (2E) 2 Main
Inpatient Unit (5N) 5 Main
Inpatient Unit (6E) 6 Main
Inpatient Unit (7E) 7 Main
Inpatient Unit (8E & 8N) 8 Main
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Laboratory & Pathology 4 Clinical
Library Ground Main GB-118
Lost & Found Ground Main
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Mail Box (Drop Off) Ground Main
Mail Office Basement Main BA-107
Masonic 1 Main 1B-109
Medical Administration Office 1 Main 1B-107
Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) 5 Clinical 5F-117
Medical Records Basement Main BF-104
Medicine Sub Specialty Clinic 5 Main 5B-137
Mental Health Clinic Ground Main GA-125
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Neurology Clinic 2 Main 2A-133
News Room Ground Main
Nuclear Medicine 1 Clinical E Module
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Occupational Health 1 Main 1B-111
Occupational Therapy 2 Main 2B-128
OK Dept. of Veterans Affairs 1 Main 1B-109
Operating Rooms 7 Main
Optical Shop 4 Main
Orthopedics 7 Main
ORL (E Module) 1 Clinical
OU Medical Center Walkway Ground Clinical
Outpatient Infusion Clinic 5 Clinical
Outpatient Surgery 7 Main 7A-161
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Parking & Handicap Permits 1 Clinical
Pathology & Lab 4 Clinical
Patient Advocate Ground Clinical GF-216
Pharmacy Ground Clinical GE-101
Physical Therapy 2 Main 2B-125
Pizza Restaurant Ground Clinical GF-101
Police & Security 1 Main 1A-118
PTSD Unit 2 Bldg 3
Prosthetics 1 Main 1B-100
Pulmonary Clinic 5 Clinical
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Radiology 2 Clinical 2F-121
Release of Information Basement Clinical BF-104
Research 3 Main 3B-121
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Shuttle to Employee Parking Lot Ground/1st Main/Clinical
Social Work Office Bldg 3 Main
Specialty Clinics (medicine) 5 Main
Speech (E Module) 1 Clinic
Substance Abuse Clinic 3 Main
Surgical Clinics 7 Main 7B-145
Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU) 7 Clinical 7F-107
Surgical Pre-Admit Clinic 7 Main 7F-107
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Transport Service 1 Main 1B-114a
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Urology Clinic 4 Main 4B-135
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Vending Machines (Pizza Place) Ground Clinical GF-101
Vending machines (Canteen) Ground Main GF-101
Veterans of Foreign Wars 1 Main 1B-109
Voluntary Services Ground Main GD-107
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Wheelchair Assistance Ground & 1 Main 1B-114