Oklahoma City VA Medical Center


Dental Clinic

About the Program

TheĀ mission of Dental ServicesĀ is to provide oral health services for veteran beneficiaries. Benefits are furnished to veterans in accordance with the provisions of existing legislation and regulations issued by the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Congress of the United States. Under certain conditions, outpatient emergency dental care may be provided to individuals who do not have established dental eligibility. Such treatment is restricted to the alleviation of acute pain, infection, or trauma, or the remediation of any dental condition which is determined to be a serious threat to health or endangering life itself. Individuals provided emergency dental treatment who are indeed ineligible for such care will be billed in accordance with VA procedures.

Contact Info


  • 921 NE 13th Street
    Oklahoma City, OK 73104
    3rd floor, Room 3B103

Contact Number(s)

  • 405-456-5139

Hours of Operation

  • Mon-Fri 8:00am-4:30pm